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Track: Loner (Outsider)
Artist: Chanyeol
Album: 1000 Songs Challenge 130707
Plays: 71261

Do you hear the “wow” of MC at the end of this audio? [DL]

Outsider, the original artist who sings this song, is the world’s 2nd fastest rapper at 17 syllables per second in this song “Alone”. Many claim that he has reached speeds of 21, 23 & 24 syllables per second but these claims have not been substantiated. Claims saying that he was supposed to hold the world record but the judges only accepted English are false since the World Record was once held by El Chojin of Spain who rapped in Spanish. So that’s why everyone, included me, was very impressed by the speed of Chanyeol’s rapping here. He’s really really really good.

Track: Kyungsoo's perfect English
Artist: Kyungsoo
Plays: 53065


"Sunday morning, rain is falling and I’m calling out to you."